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We serve a wide array of customers from a diverse group of sectors. Some of the sectors we supply include: vehicle manufacturing and use, farming, industrial, factory production, manufacturing, mining, oil & drilling, military, marine applications, survey, real-time data monitoring, AI, aviation and space exploration. We have worked with end consumers and with companies big or small, with procurement teams and integrators. If you have an application idea we will work with you to ensure an exact custom fit.


A short list of our customers:

Boeing, Chevron, Honda Aircraft, Rockwell, StanleyElectric, GE Energy, Honeywell, L3 Marine, BAE Systems, Verisign, Canadian Coast Guard, Dow Chemical, University of California, Baxter, Stent, CHC Helicopter, Agra Gold, University of Michigan, MDR Robotics Lockheed, US Magnesium, Weyerhaeuser, American Standard, CV Hospital, Medtronic, Pacific Seafood, SAAB, GE Health Care, National Oilwell, Nav Canada, ITW Goodrich, First Eneregy, BBN, Vector, Penn State, Federal Signal, Teck Metals, MacDonald Dettwiler, Northrup SafLink, Southern Energy, Oerlikon, NB Power, US Navy...

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