Rugged Computer Solutions

SmallPC specializes in rugged, industrial and custom computing solutions for a wide variety of applications. We provide shockproof, dustproof, fanless and completely sealed computers, sunlight readable marine monitors and all-in-one LCDs, waterproof keyboards and other accessories for computing in tough environments. We work with companies large and small, end users, integrators, MIS departments and OEM manufacturers. Our customers include companies in aviation, farming, military contracting, factory floor production, vehicle and industrial manufacturing and oil and mining industries. Anywhere you need a rugged, reliable computing or display solution, SmallPC has a product to fit your needs!

SmallPCs: waterproof, fanless, high performance
Waterproof, sunlight readable marine displays
Highly customizable industrial panelmount LCD PCs
Custom configurations for any application

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Rugged Computer Solutions

Small PC products are used in a wide variety of applications and industries from the factory floor to the hospital emergency room. Our customers are large & small and include original equipment manufacturers, system integrators and MIS departments looking for a special-ized PC solution. Small Rugged Computer, waterproof

Our systems are ideal for applications that require a small rugged & reliable computer solution.


  • Public Safety & Security
  • Mining/Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Factory Floor
  • Rugged Vehicle Computers
  • Digital Video Records (DVR)
  • Digital Signage & Rugged Kiosks
  • Industrial Automation
  • Kiosk, Gaming, Entertainment

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