May 5, 2023


Each time it comes out, our Spotlight blog series will feature a different company we have worked with and how our products have helped solvedtheir or their customers’ issues. This week the company we are talking about is RuggedTech LA.

RuggedTech LA's logo

RuggedTech is a distributor and integrator of rugged computer technologies based in Chile. They work with customers in different industrial sectors (like oil, gas, and coal), but primarily in the mining sectors. For some of their applications they use Getac rugged tablets and laptops (of which they are distributors) but when a stationary computer with higher computing power and more rugged features is required, our SC240ML or SC215ML fit the bill.

As an example of the kind of work our PCs are doing, theSC240ML pictured was sold to RuggedTech's customer Minera SQm Litio, a Lithium extracor. It has been running in their plant for 12 years and still going strong! This unit is inside an industrial plant where materials are loaded on trucks. The environment is extremely dusty; workers there must work with special suits and masks. This kind of environment is where our sealed units shine - no fans to spread dustaround, all ports are sealed and heat is dissipated through tall fins which can take a lot of dirt before they lose their thermal conducting ability.

Give our partner RuggedTech a look at their socials below and if you have a problem that our rugged computing products can solve, give us a call!