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Press Release Rugged Marine Computer from Small PC Selected by McKim & Creed, Inc. for Installation on Catamaran as Hydrographic Surveying System


McKim & Creed, Inc. has selected Small PC’s Marine Touch Screen LCD computer model SDC150 for use in its’ catamaran Hydrographic Survey System.

The computer acts as the Hydrographic Survey System’s host with data connections to the Global Positioning System (GPS), Motion Sensors, Echo Sounder and communication devices.  The SDC150 Marine PC is mounted directly in the front of the operator.  The computer system and the operator are open to the environment. The “Zego” is a sport boat with room for a single operator that can be maneuvered in small spaces. The waterproof sunlight readable touch screen computer is well suited for reliable operation in marine environments.  The system includes Small PC’s waterproof keyboard model SK135. This versatile survey catamaran is  ideal for a variety of survey projects.  Mckim & Creed recently used the single beam survey system for a proposed gas line crossing on a Pennsylvania river and for a bridge replacement project in Florida.

Marine Computer on boat

M.T, a Senior Hydrographic Specialist at Mckim & Creed, Inc., Says “We have been very happy with the setup and operation of the computer system"

Operating in a sealed aluminum chassis, with no moving parts, the SDC150 computer system uses Small PC’s custom and unique passive cooling solution. The SDC150 LCD-PC includes removable ruggedized solid state drives (SSD), allowing convenient transfer and management of data as well as simplified system maintenance and upgrades. The high bright touch screen display has been optically enhanced for improved readability in daylight and direct sunlight. The SDC150 is completely sealed and waterproof and is an ideal solution for reliable operation in the extremes of marine environments.

The configuration of the SDC150 for McKim & Creed’s hydrographic survey system used an Intel® mobile CPU, a 15” high bright Sunlight Readable LCD touch screen, with upgrades of four RS232 Serial ports, an intelligent vehicle power supply and dual Ethernet ports.

Marine Computer on Zego Boat

SDCxxx computers are available in LCD sizes of 10.4" to 22" in standard off the shelf configurations with Intel’s®  Atom® and i-series processors, including the high performance 3rd Generation Core™ i7 Processor.  Configuration options include Flash Drives to 512G, memory to 16G and Linux or Windows operating systems installed and tested.

waterproof computer on boat

McKim & Creed, Inc. has been providing innovative survey/mapping and engineering services since its’ formation in 1978.  It has offices throughout the southern U.S. and provides its’ services worldwide.

SmallPC.com, a division of ICI Controls Inc., was formed in 1993. Small PC Computers designs and manufactures computers with a focus on solutions for specialized, rugged, and industrial applications.